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Bulgaria, Romania

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Applying for a first Australian adult or first minor's passport

If you are an Australian citizen and applying for your first Australian passport, or a first passport for a minor, please follow the steps:

Step 1: Read the quick guide to applying for a passport

Step 2: Complete and print the Overseas Passport Application Online

Step 3: Make an appointment below to lodge your application in person


Additional Information for both Adult and Children's Applications

  • Please note that Embassy or Consulate staff cannot complete the form for you.
  • In Athens (Greece), only English language translations of supporting documents from Certified Translators accredited by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affiars will be accepted. Alternatively, translations conducted by the British Council are also accepted.
  • In Sofia (Bulgaria) translations must be done by a translation agency authorised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translations must be certified by the Ministry. 
  • In Bucharest (Romania) supporting documents issued after 1996 are in Romanian, French and English and do not require translation. Supporting documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates which are issued before 1996 need to be translated by a translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice and then certified by a Notary Public.
  • For applicants using the “Overseas Passport Application” form, ensure that you have an appropriate guarantor, and they complete the relevant guarantor’s section and endorse the back of one passport photograph (no stamps).

Applications must be lodged in person at the Australian Embassy in Athens , or Sofia (Bulgaria) or Bucharest (Romania).