Australian Embassy
Bulgaria, Romania

Notarial Services

Notarial Services

The range of, and requirements for, notarial services are varied. It is the client’s responsibility to know which service he/she requires.

We do not provide legal advice and the onus is on the client to present documents in the correct form and provide the correct instructions for witnessing any signatures on the documents.

We do not witness signatures on overseas documents. Ask local authorities who can witness for you. Or get legal advice.

The Embassy is staffed with consular and diplomatic officers, who are authorised to perform notarial services under the following legislative guidelines:
Consular Fees Act 1955
Oaths Act 1900
Statutory Declaration Act 1959 (approved witness list from Australian Attorney General's Department)

This is the list of notarial services and acts that can be performed at the Australian Embassy in Athens.

  • Witnessing signatures for Centrelink Proof of Life Certificates
  • Witnessing and taking of affidavits, oaths or affirmations
  • Witnessing Commonwealth and State statutory declarations
  • Witnessing application forms for, and issuing of, Certificates of No Impediment (CNI)
  • Witnessing notices of intended marriage
  • Performing legalisation of signatures and/or seals through either an authentication or an apostille
  • Certifying true copies of documents or photographs
  • Witnessing the signing of Australian forms (where permitted by Australian laws)
  • Performing legalisation of signatures and/or seals through either an authentication or an apostille.

Click here for information on Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage; certifying photos and true copies of documents; witnessing signatures; certification of identity (DFAT Identify Certificate only); and legalising documents (only original Australian public documents).

An appointment is required for all Notarial services at the Embassy (you can however select to submit your Apostille and Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage documents by post). Appointments are available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am - 12:30pm. Click on the button below to make an appointment - please provide your full name in English.


Clients who require services for Australian Affidavits, Powers of Attorney, must request an appointment as these require special arrangements. Email your request to [email protected] and include your full name, contact number and email address.

Legalised (apostilled) documents and Certificate of No Impediment will be available for collection within two working days - unless prior arrangements have been made for same day collection. You can also arrange, at the time of your appointment, to have the documents returned to you by mail.

Click here for notarial service fees. An additional fee will be charged if your documents are returned to you by post. If you submit documents by post (only if eligible to do so), please ensure you include the cost of return postage in your credit card authorisation.